The company "RUSTECHCENTER" (RTC - Holding) is the exclusive distributor of SANY drilling rigs in Russia.

    "RUSTECHCENTER" Ltd. Co specializes on delivery and service of import road-building technics in Russian Federation. We offer only  qualitative professional technics to our partners.

    Advantages of cooperation with "RUSTECHCENTER":

    • Direct deliveries from SANY factory;
    • Sale of a road-building special technics and commissioning;
    • Individual selection of the equipment, professional consultations;
    • Operative delivery of technics and equipment from  warehouses and upon the request;
    • Service of road-building and career equipment ( our division "TEHNOKONTINENT" Ltd. Co );
    • Sale of spare parts and expendable materials from  warehouses in Moscow, Chita and Krasnodar;
    • Sale and installation of the hinged equipment;
    • Rental of construction equipment ( our division "RTC-DRILING" Ltd. Co );
    • Rental of driling rigs (our division "RTC-DRILING" Ltd. Co );
    • Sale of constraction equipment and machinery in leasing;
    • The flexible price policy, certificates;
    • Training of  Customer's personnel and aftersales service.

    Choosing  "RUSTECHCENTER" Ltd. Co , you get the professional and reliable partner in your  prosperious business!

    Our contacts:



    115172 ,Russia, Moscow region
    Kotelnicheskaya Naberezhnaya st. 25
    Phone: 8-800-200-29-09; 8-861-200-29-09
    E-mail: info@rtc-holding.com


    The legal address :
    350001, Russia, Krasnodar region,
    Krasnodar, Vishnyakova st.,  2 С, room №42

    The actual address:
    353235, Russia, Krasnodar region,
    Afipskiy set., Privokzalnaya st.,9А
    Phone/fax: 8-800-200-29-09; +7 (861)279-08-08, +7(861)200-29-09
    E-mail: info@rtc-holding.com


    620043, Ekaterinburg,
    Volgogradskaya st., 193
    Phone: 8-800-200-29-09; +7(343)237-08-08, +7(922)132-04-44
    E-mail: m.mishanin@rtc-holding.com


    675000, Blagoveshchensk, Lazo st., 2, room 607.
    Phone: 8 (4162) 237-656; +7 (928) 268-06-46, +7 (929) 478-66-41
    E-mail: r.kornev@rtc-holding.com

    Service center:

    Our service center is represented at all our branches.
    Technical support is provided throughout the territory of Russian Federation.
    E-mail: info@rtc-holding.com

    Sales department hotline :

    8-800-200-29-09  *free call !